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Project: Broward County Public Safety Complex Renovation and Expansion 

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Client: ACAI Associates, Inc


Nature of Work: Detailed cost estimating for both renovation and new construction at Coral Spring’s Public Safety Complex, involving:

  • Construction of a two-story, 10,000 square foot addition, featuring Fire Station (#80), offices, and a Public Hearing Auditorium.
  • Renovation for a new Emergency Operating Center, serving as the command center for northwest Broward County during emergencies.
  • Additional cost estimation for Exterior Hardening to enhance the building’s resistance against hurricane winds of up to 145 mph.

Project Size: 10,000 SF

Completion Year: 2008

Estimated Cost: $12,569,955.00

Project: Renovation of Indian Harbour Beach Volunteer Fire Department Station #56

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Client: CPZ Architects, Inc.


Nature of Work: Providing Order of Magnitude cost estimates for the demolition, renovation, and remodeling of various sections of the former police headquarters and Station 56. The project includes:

  • Option 1: Demolition and rearrangement of the interior existing building (3,348 SF), new office renovation (1,554 SF), IT addition (110 SF), and asphalt paving & parking renovations (3,050 SF).
  • Option 2: Interior demolition and renovations (3,348 SF), re-roofing (3,348 SF), office renovations (1,554 SF), remodeling of police storage (3,348 SF), electrical upgrades, and asphalt paving & parking lot and landscaping.
  • Option 3: Demolition and interior renovations (4,872 SF), re-roofing (3,348 SF), extensive office renovation (3,698 SF), remodeling of police storage (1,174 SF), electrical upgrades, asphalt paving & parking renovations, and landscaping.

Project Size: Approximately 5 Acres

Completion Year: 2022

Estimated Cost:
    • Option 1: $766,574.00
    • Option 2: $1,367,662.00
    • Option 3: $1,720,564.00
  • Public Safety

    Project: Seacor Holdings-Building 27 Refurbishment

    Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Client: Justin Architects, P.A.


    Nature of Work: Comprehensive refurbishment of the building to align with new codes, involving:

    • Structural repairs including Slab on Grade (SOG) crack repairs (10,299 SF) and roof repairs (13,748 SF).
    • Replacements compliant with new codes, including impact-resistant glass and windows (5,635 SF), and exterior canopies, railings, and skylights.
    • Interior enhancements such as wall finishes, painting, Hollow Metal (HM) doors & frames, and system upgrades for fire alarms, fire sprinklers, HVAC, and electrical systems.
    • Enhancements to exterior aesthetics with landscaping, lighting, and paver replacement.

    Project Size: 

    • SOG Crack Repairs: 10,299 SF
    • Roof Repairs: 13,748 SF
    • Impact Glass & Windows: 5,635 SF
    • Exterior Coatings, Finishes & Painting: 31,086 SF

    Completion Year: 2022

    Estimated Cost: $3,121,203.00

    Project: Maltz Jupiter Theatre Expansion

    Location: Jupiter, FL

    Client: Maltz Jupiter Theatre


    Nature of Work: CMS provided a Schematic Design Cost Estimate for extensive renovations at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre. The project, aimed at elevating the theatre experience to Broadway-scale shows, included:

    • Upgrades to electrical systems, HVAC, and fire sprinklers.
    • Improvements in flooring, walls, and finishes.
    • Installation of a new elevator.
    • Enhancements to the main stage lighting.
    • Development of the Flex Theatre, Theatre Rehearsal, and COPA Rehearsal spaces.
    • Addition of extra seats and comprehensive sitework.

    Project Size:

    • Building Renovation: 45,155 SF
    • Sitework: 209,651 SF

    Completion Year: 2015

    Construction Cost:  $26,034,270.00


    Project: Town of Davie New Town Hall Construction

    Location: Davie, FL

    Client: Justin Architects, P.A.


    Nature of Work: Schematic Design Cost Estimate for the construction of the new Town Hall in Davie, which included::

    • Structural components such as exterior precast walls and interior Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) & Gypsum Drywall (GDW).
    • Metal roofing and impact-resistant windows installation.
    • Specialized installations like counter areas, a police desk, and bullet-resistant glass partitions.
    • Elevator systems including passenger and freight elevators.
    • Wet pipe sprinkler system, extensive plumbing work.
    • HVAC enhancements with 2 air coolers (200T) and 7 chilled water air handlers.
    • Comprehensive electrical, technology, and electronic safety & security systems.
    • Sitework encompassing asphalt paving, sidewalks, precast buffer wall, landscaping & irrigation, and utilities.

    Project Size: 85,703 SF

    Completion Year:2023

    Estimated Cost: $67,159,444.00

    Project: Broward County Copans Transit Facility Development

    Location: Pompano Beach, FL

    Client: : IBI Group


    Nature of Work: Order of Magnitude cost estimation for the comprehensive development of the Broward County Copans Transit Facility. The project entailed:

    • Construction of maintenance bays, a warehouse, a drive aisle, and an office area.
    • Development of rooftop bus parking facilities.
    • Building a new wash facility for buses.
    • Establishing asphalt parking and a training building.
    • Demolition of the existing maintenance building and removal of underground lubricant tanks.

    Project Size:

    • Maintenance, Operations, Admin Building, Warehouse, Drive Aisle, Office Area, Potential Mezzanine: 266,420 SF
    • Rooftop Bus Parking: 160,160 SF
    • New Bus Wash Building: 3,780 SF
    • New Parking Deck: 138,988 SF
    • New Training Building: 8,492 SF

    Completion Year: 2022

    Construction Cost: $217,273,472.00


    Project: Margate Middle School Upgrades and Renovations

    Location: Margate, FL

    Client: AtkinsRéalis c/o Broward County Public Schools


    Nature of Work: Comprehensive cost estimating for a series of upgrades and renovations at Margate Middle School. The project encompassed:

    • Safety upgrades to enhance the overall security and safety of the school.
    • Installation of new fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems.
    • Improvements to the building envelope for enhanced durability and efficiency.
    • Renovation of the Media Center and Art Lab, modernizing these key learning areas.
    • Refurbishment of restrooms for improved facilities.
    • Significant HVAC improvements for better climate control and efficiency.
    • Electrical system upgrades for modernized and reliable power distribution.

    Project Size: 149,925 SF

    Completion Year: 2023

    Estimated Cost: $14,242,145.36

    Project: Palm Beach State College – Dental & Medical Services Technology Building

    Location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    Client: Palm Beach Facilities Planning & Construction Dept


    Nature of Work: CMS provided a Construction Documents Cost Estimate for the four-story Dental & Medical Services Technology Building. Key features include:

    • Structural work with 12″ CMU exterior walls and 8″ CMU interior walls.
    • Concrete slabs, 16″ Precast joists, concrete columns, and roof joists.
    • Insulating concrete with single-ply membrane roofing.
    • Interior features such as millwork cabinets and storefront designs.
    • Exterior impact glass storefront and windows.
    • Porcelain tile flooring, acoustic & metal pan ceilings, and GDW partitions.
    • 2 elevators and 2 stairwells for accessibility.
    • Comprehensive fire protection and plumbing systems.
    • HVAC system including 8 Trane AHU units and 2 Trane air-cooled chillers.
    • Extensive electrical, technology, and electronic safety & security systems.

    Project Size: 97,240 SF

    Completion Year: 2023

    Construction Cost: $61,536,730.00


    Project: Greenbelt Park Irrigation Main Extension at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

    Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Client: Keith and Associates Inc.


    Nature of Work:  Construction Documents cost estimating for the enhancement of the airport’s irrigation system. This included:

    • Installation of a new irrigation main line to extend and improve the irrigation network.
    • Integration of new pumps to facilitate efficient water distribution.
    • Implementation of a modern control system for optimized irrigation management.

    Project Size: 7,624 LF

    Completion Year: 2017

    Estimated Cost: $1,744,675.00

    Project: City of Fort Lauderdale-SR A1A Streetscape Improvements

    Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Client: Kimley-Horn


    Nature of Work: Order of Magnitude cost estimating for extensive streetscape improvements encompassing Almond Avenue, Banyan Street (from Seabreeze Boulevard to Almond Avenue), and Poinsettia Street’s south side (from Almond Avenue to SR A1A). The project scope included:

    • Site demolition and comprehensive landscaping.
    • Construction of special sidewalks and curbs.
    • Roadway work including new asphalt pavement and resurfacing.
    • Installation of street signage, striping, and new light poles.
    • Upgrades to site and underground utilities, including AT&T and FPL.
    • Implementation of automatic bollards.
    • Construction of a new restroom building on Sebastian Street.

    Project Size: Approximately 5 Acres

    Completion Year: 2016

    Construction Cost: $11,136,008.00